Start Access updating using linked tables

Access updating using linked tables

HTH * Noel While working on this article, I found that Access 2003 had references to DAO and ADO by default.

You can make changes in the original table and the linked table that will create changes in both Access databases.

Comments posted to this topic are about the content posted at Kellenberger/Aunt Kathi Linchpin People Teammate SQL Server MVPAuthor of Expert T-SQL Window Functions I notice that you are using DAO.

Occasionally however it is useful to have a wildcarded value as the link. This might be particularly useful in an accounting program where there is a need to update a field for a wildcarded selection of account codes.

The following example uses a table of wildcard values to change the details in another table using an Access Update query.

When you move your back end or want to switch to a different back end you must tell Access when to find the back end you want to use.

Access does not automatically locate the back end for you.

Linked In Profile Newbie on been around Linked tables, but found -testing and forums- a great problem when using.1. Mainly, DBs operations has to be protected in transactions3.