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Addict dating sex

The Mayo Clinic uses compulsive sexual behavior for sexual addiction, and identifies characteristics of the sex addict as "an overwhelming need for sex and are so intensely preoccupied with this need that it interferes with your job and your relationships.

With a mind, mapped to hold such views; what would be wrong with seeking out -say sex with 2 different men on the same day.. The outcomes were not very pretty and still, personally, leave me confused and often overly empathetic towards her...

If someone you know has a problem, wouldn't you want to help? We're immersed within the society we are..there are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, and husbands, and wives with whom we have to do.. The idea that freedom is our's to choose, is essentially a myth.

It's funny, if we were talking about an addiction to drugs, booze or gambling, people would be offering counselling, advice and help. well all you can do is tell her your concerns and if she doesn't change then let her do what she likes...she probable won't be taken seriously by guys she meets due to her addiction....i never take anyone seriously who has a high drive cause it doesn't say much about there personality To further your views Leeanne, There seems a contemporary attitude in society, that for some reason, favors ideals of libertarianism. Thing is..most probably would be ok..we were some lab experiment somewhere, having no biological parents or siblings, no husband or wife.. Of course, I'm not against anyone who strives to follow their dreams but giving license to any notion we may feel we have...comes with te price of alienation from family and loved ones and often ends in societal marginalization.

And that's what I'd im not sure what your problem might be ...i do know that the harder you chase something seams the harder it is to get it I know in my life from puberty till late teens i was an outcast ...a nerd ..and reserved the result of being publicly humiliated by a girl that I had a crush on ..i was devastated and then depressed then pissed .decided that i did not care what people thought i was going to be out going and**** .took some time but it worked ..

I became popular .immediately went to the other extreme ..i became a player a sex addict.womanizer and between 18 and thirty i lost count of the women i had slept with then i got married but couldnt stop chasing women ...cheated and was cheated on and got divorce then through a lot of factors i was forced to take a look at my self ..i didnt like what i saw and decided I was going to again change before it killed me 52 I think im pretty normal ..monogamous and happy .with the understanding of the problems a lot of people on both extremes have with sex It might be that he wants to help if she has a problem.

Just be her friend, not a big ask surelyif you are talking about my present life .not to sure .you are talking about my life when i was your age .thankful when I was your age i had slept with enough women to rival a rock star .was about sex was empty ..a notch on the bed post when i was around your age that i turned my life around .i started really living...young people that wish for sexual savvy dont know what they are asking for .... I don't really wish that I could have empty meaningless sex with 100 of women.

Just one that wanted me A LOT would be plenty fine.

I know in my mind that I did those things .I know in my heart that I am no longer that person .. I was going to see if I could find a short list of symptoms.. I think Windlover quoted a bit from there already actually. I love sex, and while I was younger I was much more liberal about my activities. Once I settled down with my ex, things changed, but didn't change. Just make sure your friend has enough common sense to use protection EVERY time, and encourage her to get tested frequently. Maybe she just loves sex and maybe she was trying to shock you a bit, in contemporary society many girls and women feel released regarding their sexuality and feel free to just do what they enjoy.