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Grenades were exploding, Kyiv was covered in smoke, and he, side-by-side with grown men, was storming the Berkut. However, he isn’t willing to talk about his life in Yagotyn, before Maidan.

He is learning fighting techniques, cleaning, preparing food. Roma can barely read and write, but he doesn’t plan to return to Yagotyn and go to school. When you are standing next to him, and bam— he falls.” He is placing sanctuary lamps for his friends in that game.

There was some discrepancy regarding Tomas’ exact age, so medical examiners at the prison where the boy is currently being held examined his teeth and genitals.

The doctors have since determined that the boy is between 16 and 17 years old, and therefore legally viewed as an adult.

And then, two months later, nobody has heard from or thought of him. Right now, some of them are in jail, some in an orphanage; their mother is wanted for neglecting parental duties. The only one who is proud of the boy is his older brother.