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Boon Ex carries out its mission through Dolphin (by improving it constantly and releasing new versions called the latest and modern technologies) but through the Unity - the Community of Communities (by supporting Unity where webmasters and web developers can communicate with each other to share their knowledges and experience).

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// ---- VR RECORDER [BEGIN] --- if ( $en_up && $video_file_exist ) { echo "\n"; $str Session GUID = 0; $str Key = 0; global $str Type; global $str Member ID; $str Type = "admin"; $str Member ID = $_GET['ID']; $str Recording Name = ""; $b Enable Javascript = false; echo " "; require( "userplane/vr.php" ); echo " Script Info: Program Name : Ae Dating v.3.0 AEWebworks Supplied ...: TEAM LOGi C Cracked ....: TEAM LOGi C Released ...: 12/17/2004 Type .......: Scripts/Dating Protection .: Hotlinks, Callbacks d Escriptio N: Create a powerful dating web site with variety of features and options.

ae Dating dating software is the most featured solution to create online dating site for personals and matchmaking services and speed dating services. You were banned prom commercial forum for spamming it.

You can create mainstream dating site, adult dating site, teenagers dating site or swingers dating site with leading software solution. I think you should be banned from any place you appear.

os Date dating and matchmaking script fully integrates with major bulletin boards (php BB, v Bulletin, etc.) and Flash Chat, and provides several payment modules, multiple skins, and free upgrades. Now you may earn $100 by contributing your plugins for distribution on this website.

The or downloads below are over 30MB, so please be patient while downloading!

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Put a highly customizable chatroom right on your website.

Works with most PHP/My SQL forums and portals, or as a stand-alone chatroom.

ae Dating's features include a user-friendly administration interface, support for multiple languages, uploading of photo, audio, and video files, virtual kisses, a site communicator, online chatting, an instant messenger system, featured profiles, and more.