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Allocating updatings

To my recollection LWJGL has to Pin data structures on occasion too, which means that if a GC run occurs while that is pinned, the Garbage Collector cannot move that pinned structure.

This is completely false, Minecraft rarely uses more than about 600mb of ram, even with mods.

In 1.6.1 I even noticed This means you only need allocated ram if you are running large sound files (MAYBE) and most definitely higher resolution texture packs (USUALLY).

Click the box and check off "Executable" (whatever file path) to allow Minecraft to execute the file in a certain way.

What this means is that the Memory is not necessarily committed to a physical page unless it's actually used; if you use a 4GB heap, for example, the Java process will appear to use 4GB of memory but that will only be it's Virtual Memory commit charge; Physical memory usage will depend on what get's used.

Let's be honest we are talking about Minecraft not a game needs a lot of ram like BF3 or GTA.

Every time the game updates there seems to be a flood of topics about how performance drops.

The reason a larger Java Heap would reduce apparent slowdowns and jerkiness is because Garbage Collection doesn't have to be done as frequently.