Start Am not interested dating

Am not interested dating

Has it ever happen to you (you can a man or a woman)? That I ultimately fell in love with a long-term friend was happenstance.

Hi all, I realized lately that I am not interested in dating anybody right now.

It is kind of weird for me (male, 25) but as it turns out, I'm really into my work and hobbies right now and women seem unappealing to me.

A real woman doesn't have time for any of those games.

Reader Question: “I am a professional, good looking guy in my late 30’s, living in Chicago area.

This issue will only take care of itself once you have had enough attention from different women, you are basically tired of going through this process over and over, and you are ready for a more intense and meaningful connection.

I'm here to meet guys of any age for dating, friendship, serious relationship and networking. I know I'm not the exact person you're looking for,but I can take care of you more than the person you're looking for..

I'm trying to learn new things, get in really good shape, and have fun at work. co-ed events are very popular here, especially with summer around the corner. I just live my life and keep busy being happy till something falls in my lap..