Start Are maci bookout and kyle regal dating

Are maci bookout and kyle regal dating

During an MTV special earlier this month, Bookout opened up about her and Taylor Mc Kinney’s plans for marriage. Since then, Bookout has dated a number of men, including Kyle King, whom fans saw on the show, and Kyle Regal.

Recently she took on another volunteer position, spreading the word and encouraging young people to vote in the upcoming election.

"Teen Mom" star Maci Bookout called it quits with both professional racer Kyle Regal and on again, off again beau Kyle King earlier this year.

But rather than seeking a third Kyle with a royal-sounding last name, Bookout says she's doing just fine on her own.

Bookout tweeted about the news, but did not reveal any specifics about what went wrong in the relationship."Do you currently have a bf"?

tweeted kelsospeer during a 10-minute "Ask Maci" spree on Twitter.

“He’s really excited to have a little brother, but he thinks it’s hilarious that Jayde’s going to be a big sister because she’s so little! As Maci Bookout and Mc Kinney prepare to wed, they have made the decision to call it quits with expanding their family once their son arrives. Just weeks into filming, with cameras rolling, Maci Bookout announced she and Mc Kinney were expecting their first child together, and after her arrival, she proceeded to drop a number of hints regarding their future engagement.

“There are going to be some permanent birth control decisions made immediately after the birth, but it’s definitely a bonus to have it kind of done and out of the way. However, throughout filming, Mc Kinney failed to propose to Maci Bookout, and continued to hold out during the next season until finally getting down on one knee during a trip to Los Angeles earlier this year.

In fact, Ryan tried to charm Maci with a sweeping romantic gesture: proposing on Twitter.