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So to understand and to investigate into the matter I tried to search on web and in social media.

In the image below too we find a group of men and woman walking.

None of the woman seems to be disturbed but still it is shown as an image of molestation and women safety issue.

Now let’s come to these two epic images that even in your wildest imagination you can’t think of anything wrong happening to women.

So the question is, is the drunken girl who is visibly in no condition to walk was molested?

Clearly men didn’t come forward to help her (could be a possible feminist reason to bash insensitive men if this story was not about molestation) and here the police woman just could be taking her to a place where she could rest.

I was clueless about any mass molestation that could have taken place in MG Road, Brigade Road area as I opted to stay at home this year.

Also I stopped following mainstream media stories after realizing how they had created false stories around Nirbhaya rape.

I am not sure how Bangalore Mirror could show that image as molestation, unless being surrounded by men (and we don’t know if they were known) is molestation for women.