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Barry williams and florence henderson dating

Moreover, he is said to have had an insatiable appetite for sex; he routinely cruised the streets of Pasadena looking for same-sex hookups. However, behind the scenes, he and Maureen made out several times. When the show ended in 1974 after some 117 episodes, Barry continued his TV career, but only in supporting roles.

However, underneath the perfect setting inside the Brady home, scandal brewed among the cast mates.

's report explores some of the most eyebrow-raising secrets and scandals with a handful of characters.

Apparently that's not a problem for some men in their 40s, says Florence Henderson, 80, who of course played Carol Brady on the legendary 1970s sitcom, "The Brady Bunch." "I have a website and I get a lot of offers from guys in their 40s who’d love to date me," Henderson tells the new issue of Closer Weekly.

I guess in a sense it was a date, because Barry thought it was.

Nine characters made up the Brady family: Florence Henderson and Robert Reed (Carol and Mike Brady), Ann B.

Davis (Alice the maid), Christopher Knight (Bobby Brady), Maureen Mc Cormick (Marcia Brady), Mike Lookinland (Bobby), Susan Olsen (Cindy), Eve Plumb (Jan), and Barry Williams (Greg).

star who became the epitome of the sitcom mom playing Carol Brady from 1969 until 1974, and in multiple specials after that, died Thursday at a Los Angeles hospital of heart failure. Henderson was surrounded by family and friends when she passed, her manager, Kayla Pressman, told the in 2010 and appeared on the show several times this season—as well as on part one of this season's finale just on Monday—to support contestant Maureen Mc Cormick, who played the quintessential TV daughter Marcia Brady."Florence Henderson was a dear friend for so very many years & in my #RIPFlorence," Mc Cormick tweeted Thursday night.

Though in hindsight the role of the perennially perky and patient Mrs.

Marcia and Greg melted the hearts of younger viewers (tweens, teenagers).

Maureen's character was America's "Girl Next Door." She had the charming smile, blonde locks, tender voice, and eyes that had their own theme music.

Robert Reed's character was the patriarch of the family. Reportedly, off-camera his real life was steeped in turmoil.