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You will see the same pictures appearing on several profiles on a daily basis.

Beautiful People then placed the banned billboards on the back of trucks which were driven around New York.

In June 2011, Beautiful was attacked by a virus which allowed users to join without going through the mandatory 48 hour voting process.

The blank message with the subject line “test” was inadvertently sent to the directory holding all NHS email addresses.

According to The Register, as many as 80 people had hit “reply all” by 11.30am on Monday morning.

Most of the female profiles are fake, and you'll always get messages the day before or after you're subscription is going to run out.

I actually think the person/people who manage the site are often the ones behind messages you receive.

Good news first: I was accepted, LOL:) I totally disagree with anyone claiming that this site is a scam.

I think this site is above average and don't see any reason to believe it is's a scam.

It is an absolute, 100% con Still waiting to be hit by Beautiful People 'arrow' lol!

Using it along with We Just Fit to try to boost my date rate and its working so far, definitely getting more arranged (or at least more opportunities) since trying the 2 together.

In order to gain entrance to Beautiful events, attendees must look as attractive as they have represented themselves online or they will be turned away by the door screeners, who the media have coined the Beauty Police.