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How can one be a provider for his partner and family when he is suddenly placed in a position where it has become difficult to even protect himself?

“Life isn’t easy and no one ever said it would be,” Drayton adds.

“…We are battling ideals that have been ingrained and reinforced since childhood by society and tons of financial/economic/social obstacles, they will not disappear just because we think they should.” So despite the strength that a man may have and the desire that burns within him to always protect and provide, there are times when he is not always able to be the knight in shining armor that he was taught to be.

“Though [every woman] wants to be treated with love and respect; love and respect can look quite different than it did in the Disney movies and love stories we grew up entertaining.” This is important because it lets a man know that his job is not limited by preconceived gender roles of “bringing home the bacon.” Even in the midst of economic struggles or rigorous job hunts, he can still serve as the provider of emotional support and give the woman he loves the sense of security she has longed for.