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Brady quinn alicia sacramone still dating

Did you ever do the Cheng [half twist onto the vaulting table and a flip with one and a half twists off]? I like my ACLs a lot so I was always being combative with Mihai and being like, “Look, let’s just do a harder front [handspring] vault, it’s perfectly fine! Everybody trains it, it’s just getting the confidence to go and compete it without any fears.

She could go and probably fall two or three times and still have an easy gold medal in her pocket.

So it’s a little early for me to pick a solid team but those three would be my go-to and those two remaining spots are up for grabs.

Do you think there’s anyone out there who can beat Simone in the all-around at the Olympics?

I think Aly [Raisman] has a really good shot, she’s really consistent and is just a good person to have.