Start Breaking bad dating patterns for men

Breaking bad dating patterns for men

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Tracey says we often subconsciously return to things that feel familiar and remind us of our childhood or past, even if it wasn't a happy time in our lives - which can see us get stuck in a dating rut (file photo) Do they look the same?

You'll then have a list of what you will and won't compromise on with a partner, built on more important things than looks or hair colour (file photo)If this person isn't what you're used to, chances are they'll introduce you to a whole new range of things: new food, new restaurants, new holiday destinations, new friends, new experiences (both in and out of bed! Friendship and love require different qualities so while they might not be your perfect love match, they might well become a treasured long-term friend who offers a much-needed alternative perspective.

If your answer is 'yes' to most of these questions, you're stuck in a dating pattern that could condemn you to a lifetime of failed relationships Tracey suggests trying to discover what's really important to you.

Yet, you notice that you keep attracting the same type of men. The trick is analyzing the patterns that you fall into.

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