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For instance, fertile women seem to be more open than non-fertile women to the idea of taking "sexual pleasures where [they] find them," in the words of one question asked to participants in the study by Gangestad and his colleagues published in the November issue of Evolution and Human Behavior.

According to a 2008 review of research by Gangestad and his colleagues published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, some of the masculine traits fertile women prefer are strong-jawed faces, muscular bodies, dominant behaviors, deep voices and tallness.

Because most studies on the topic have been done on heterosexual women, little is known about how ovulation affects lesbians or bisexual women.

An online shopping experiment reveals fertile women are also more likely to choose sexy clothes and accessories than women who weren't fertile, according to the study published online in the Journal of Consumer Research in August.

For those who aren’t as interested in sexy clothes, ovulation can mean more money.

Most women probably notice nothing more than a "funny little feeling" of lust during their fertile days, Haselton said.

But other studies have shown that the hormonal fluctuations surrounding ovulation do change women's attitudes and behavior.

One study, published online in May 2010 in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, found that ovulation boosted lesbian women's motivation to act on their desires for other women, while bisexual women showed smaller increases in motivation.

While women's sexuality is more fluid than men's, study coauthor Lisa Diamond, a psychologist at the University of Utah, told Live Science, the findings suggest that ovulation could be a window into the biologically-based component of female sexual orientation.

(Ovulation occurs when a woman’s body releases an egg down the fallopian tube where it can meet up with Mr.

Sperm.) "Nobody was asking what happens on fertile or non-fertile days," Haselton said.

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