Start Campus issues dating speech

Campus issues dating speech

Late yesterday, in a striking victory for the First Amendment on campus, a federal district court in Texas ruled that a number of restrictions on students’ speech at Tarrant County College (TCC) are unconstitutional. “Yesterday’s ruling is just the latest in an unbroken string of legal victories, dating back more than twenty years, over unconstitutional campus speech codes,” FIRE Vice President Robert Shibley said.

At that point, TCC already had prohibited students from participating in SCCC empty holster protests for two years in a row.

In December, following the district court’s order, TCC voluntarily revised several policies challenged by the lawsuit, including the free speech zone policy, but TCC also introduced the unconstitutional ban on cosponsorship.

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On November 6, 2009, Judge Means issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting TCC from quarantining protected speech to the school’s tiny “free speech zone,” holding that continued operation of the free speech zone would result in “immediate and irreparable injury” to students’ free speech rights.

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“Even before yesterday’s ruling, TCC’s free speech zone had fallen due to FIRE’s efforts.