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Cannon dating nick who

He wrote: "I will never say anything negative about @Mariah Carey We are forever a family rooted in love."I am always an open book but Personal matters are just that 'Personal.' So please respect my family and respect the process.""I have no problem being painted as the bad guy. The insider told that she isn't ready to "give up the idea of a happy family."According to reports, she broke down in tears while performing at the Beacon Theatre in New York City last week.

' I said, 'I'm not' - and then I said 'Bye.'"And whilst Mariah remained tight lipped about her relationship, she did reveal James has always been a big fan of her music.

We've learned Mariah says she raked in $6.3 million, and Nick scored $2.7 mil. Mariah and Nick share custody, but the kids are primarily with her.

As we reported, Mariah has demanded $50 mil from billionaire James Packer after their engagement exploded ... We've also learned the settlement requires Nick to squirrel away money for the twins, but maybe not as much as you think ... If Nick comes to visit, per the agreement, she foots the bill for travel and lodging.

According to gossip site , Nick Cannon reportedly filed the divorce papers on 12 December 2014, just over a week after Mariah Carey - who split from the TV personality in the summer after six years of marriage - was said to have been discussing terms of her property settlement with her lawyers.