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Cheeky zeb dating

Zeb-un-Nisa was her father's favourite child, and because of this she could compel him to pardon people who had offended him.

"Zebunnisa was trained in the serious study of religious doctrine and in matters in faith, and she was known as an excellent scholar in several academic areas and as a literary figure and parton of some renown.

She sang well and composed songs and planted many of the gardens of her day." Zeb-un-Nisa selected "Makhfi" (which means Hidden One in Persian) as her pen-name in her poetry.

She supported the young prince in the inevitable ongoing conflict of succession, and was discovered to have written to him during the rebellion in 1681 AD (over the course of which he had publicly accused Aurangzeb of transgressions against Islamic law).

Her punishment was to have her accumulated wealth confiscated, her annual pension of 4 lakhs nullified, and she was held prisoner at Salimgarh until her death.

Her eyes and abundant hair were very black, and she had thin lips and small teeth.

In Lahore Museum is a contemporary portrait, which corresponds to this description...

This occasion was celebrated by her father with a great feast and public holiday.