Start Consolidating email accounts iphone

Consolidating email accounts iphone

Once this is all set, there will be no more checking multiple inboxes and no more worrying if you replied from the correct address.

I would suggest archiving messages rather than deleting them in case you ever decide to go back to separate email accounts. This ensures that, when using Gmail, a message will respond from the correct account (or whatever account you specify).

Go into the settings panel in your primary Gmail account. Add some labels While not necessary, I’ve found that the strategic use of labels can be helpful, especially since I have several email accounts.

The setup takes some time and effort, but it makes juggling far too many email accounts far easier.

When I started adopting Getting Things Done and Inbox Zero, I decided to consolidate my numerous email accounts.

No more clicking from box to box for you, my friend!

Save some time and energy by setting up multiple account on your phone.

This clip will show you exactly how it is done and get you up and running.