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Over 16 million viewers tuned in to watch Adult Eagles Harriet and Ozzie raise their 2 eaglets from birth to fledge. The 2014-2015 Nesting Season (October 2014-May 2015) marked the third year the nest was streamed live to the world, this time with two high definition cameras. E6 successfully developed and fledged the nest on Mar. E6 was last seen May 4 before leaving the area for good.

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On Saturday, September 19th, Ozzie made an appearance at the nest.

On September 27th, after seen fighting with a male eagle in the area, Ozzie was found injured and again admitted back into CROW’s care. The fourth season (October 2015- June 2016) was a season of many firsts for Harriet & her new mate M15 (short for Male 2015).

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