Start Dating 101 for teenagers

Dating 101 for teenagers

Dodson Blvd."February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and this is an event we feel young girls would like to know about," Coach Leslie Denman said.

Parents can help their teenagers by listening and answering questions as they arise and without being judgmental.

For further information, contact Coach Denman at 214-845-1313 or email [email protected]

"The act of love is to say: I want you to be who you are." The act of abuse is to say: "I want you to be who I want you to be." It is that simple. Gill Teen dating violence is the act or threat of violence by one member of an unmarried couple on the other member within a dating relationship.

The hours between and p.m., when many parents are still at work, are prime time for trouble.

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