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Dating curta calculators

Numbers are entered using slides (one slide per digit) on the side of the device.

Soviet forces had arrived in July, and Herzstark feared being sent to Russia, so, later that same month, he fled to Austria.

He began to look for financial backers, at the same time filing continuing patents as well as several additional patents to protect his work.

The Prince of Liechtenstein eventually showed interest in the manufacture of the device, and soon a newly formed company, Contina AG Mauren (aka Contina Ltd Mauren), began production in Liechtenstein.

It was not long before Herzstark's financial backers, thinking they had got from him all they needed, contrived to force him out by reducing to zero the value of all of the company's existing stock, including his one-third interest.

The Curta is a small mechanical calculator developed by Curt Herzstark.

The Curta's design is a descendant of Gottfried Leibniz's Stepped Reckoner and Charles Thomas' Arithmometer, accumulating values on cogs, which are added or complemented by a stepped drum mechanism.

It has an extremely compact design: a small cylinder that fits in the palm of the hand.