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Dating haiti

From then on, TV producers seem to always have her in mind, as she took on lead strong women roles in the early 2000’s detective show “NYPD Blue”, followed by “Eyes” and more recently “Franklin & Bash”.

Still, I thought about sharing my bogus theory of the Liberian playboy when a Jamaican girl I recently met proudly shared that she was dating a Liberian.

At the very least it would have been a good retort to her exclaiming, “I heard Haitian men are crazy! As a former French student, I am completely enthralled by the way it sounds and by the fact that it pulls from French and West African languages.

My mom drilled the idea of the Liberian playboy into my head growing up.

“Back home” many men were known to keep a woman in the city and a woman in the country, she told me.

But I've also fantasized about stunning his grandmother into silence once she finally meets "the African” and I say hello in perfect Kreyòl.

She may disapprove of my heritage, but that won't stop my boyfriend and I from appreciating our cultural differences.

There are way too many positive, inspiring experiences that come from intercultural dating for one to focus on the drawbacks.

And I cannot say I was shocked by her blanket statement. Hipsters are (insert whatever negative opinion you have because I have no clue).

When my cousin reminded them about my boyfriend, my aunt’s reaction was, “Oh, that Haitian man?

” Of course his heritage comes into play when an eligible Liberian bachelor pops up.

We all know intelligent, reasonable people who still make prejudiced assumptions about whole groups of people or cultures. We've all said, thought or heard something unfair about a group of people. That, of course, does not make it right, but it does make it predictable.