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Dating joaquin phoenix reese witherspoon

Doc is brought to the police station and interrogated by Det. He is helped by his attorney, Sauncho Smilax, who arranges for his release by the LAPD. He is hired by former heroin addict Hope Harlingen, who is looking for her missing husband, Coy.

The film ends as Doc and Shasta ride in a car going to an unknown destination.

When asked about reuniting with Reese Witherspoon onscreen after and whether he's ever taken the actress out on a date, Phoenix again joked that he and Witherspoon are engaged, to the audience's applause.

And when Ripa started teasing him about his hairstyles in the Paul Thomas Anderson film, he beamed and asked her, "Are we engaged?

Prussia is tied to the Golden Fang and Doc learns that Glen Charlock was involved with a deal, which is how he ended up dead.

Doc visits Adrian, noticing his obsession with baseball bats, but is abducted and drugged by his partner Puck.

At his office Doc finds a message from Jade who apologizes for setting him up with the police and tells him to "beware of the Golden Fang".

He meets her in an alley, where she explains that the Golden Fang is an international drug smuggling operation.

The man tells him he had been feeling guilty for the negativity that his real-estate business has caused and wants to give away all his money. When Doc returns home to his beach house, he is greeted by Shasta, who has returned and is indifferent to all the trouble her disappearance has caused.