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Dating no physical contact

The same remains true for the woman (see chapter 2.5): she should play a little hard-to-get, she should be flattered by the ask and thank the man for asking, and, unless her feelings have changed, she should say yes.

Thus, we work harder and harder at possessing & keeping the other person rather than dating them.

Principle #3: Even though the process of developing a relationship should be taken relatively slowly, neither the man nor the woman should waste time by not being intentional with the dates they have together.

Even after a few months of dating she is not “his” nor is he “hers”.

Neither the man nor the woman should have a right (or any sort of entitlement) to the other person because they have not entered into any sort of formal commitment to one another.

Matt, my husband and I dated long-distance throughout our dating relationship and three months into our engagement.

These principles can definitely be applied to long-distance relationships.

Instead of the first six dates being variations on a theme of dinner & a movie, there should be a wider variety of experiences that aren’t just designed to entertain or impress, but also to help both the man and the woman learn more about each other (and, ever-so-gently, to create moments of romance here and there).