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Dating parker 51

Imprint ok on blind cap, fully legible though quite light in couple places, eg "51". First year pen with imprint by bottom tassie, metal filler unit, metal top and bottom jewels, clip with large diamond and reverse negative imprint, and cap with imprint correctly at top. The barrel has been personalized, "LOUIS SILVERSTEIN" in fairly shallow neat letters. The blind cap's position is about a 99% match to barrel. Has early style (and more scarce) large diamond clip. 1947 pen whose T-7 imprint is believed to indicate assembly in USA from Canadian plastic. Couple light letters on an otherwise sharp imprint. "Usual" high point brassing to tassie (bottom cap metal ring) edges. Very clean ding free caps and nice fine-medium point characterize this double jewel set. This is a legitimately rare "51" for someone who seeks a somewhat "advanced" pen. Two tone clutch ring with intact center gold-filled. A basic standard size vac-fill era, showing in nice shape. Quite clean pen with sharp imprint and very nice preservation of original frost. Blue Diamond disappeared a few months before the Vac-Fill era ended. Bandless Flighters are considered late production pieces, at least on USA-made pens. 1948 imprint makes it "first year" for the Aero period. It's 1948 imprint makes it a "first year" Aero, not that most people really care. The "mixed" trim- Lustraloy Cap with GF Clips- is less commonly seen than other configurations. The British Aero Red might be called Burgundy (i have not seen British period catalogue), but it is a bit lighter and redder than the American Burgundy. Special appeared on the Parker scene to offer a "51" slightly below the price of prior models. Barrel imprint (seen only first few years of the Aero era) is about 1/2 intact, with sharp "8" date code. Of note, the pencil does have a "parker" barrel imprint, so might be earlier issue than pen. Has the early style long clip and 1950-appropriate brushed aluminum filler "press 4 times". It remains to be established if there was random variation in batches over the years, or if there was specific evolution of the color. The filler is not marked "made in USA"- consistent with the English production and the font is different from the lettering on USA made pens. English "51" pens are not so common, at least on this side of the pond. Bit of brassing at very bottom of cap (visible in photo). A bit off the beaten path for the "51" afficianado, they tare well less commonly found., too? 1970), thirty years after the "51" appeared in the USA.

Most commonly found as desk pens in black, pocket pens are more difficult to obtain, particularly in colors other than black. But, no fatal flaws (depending on how ya define "fatal") and decent cap, which shows wear but no dings. Unlike the Aerometric Demi- which is short and slender relative to the standard pen- the Demi Vac-Fill is identical diameter to the standard size Vac-Fill. Trim and filler features place it early-mid 1950's (date codes ended around 1952).

Red-Band pens are high-cachet items in the "51" universe. No dings, but the "usual" bunch of scattered nicks and score marks. The blind cap is a bit short though has fairly flush fit to barrel. The cap for Demi is of different length (but again, same clutch) as the Standard, so often the more scarce Demi is found with improperly mixed parts, sporting standard size caps. Clean pen with no dings and with quite nice original cap frost. Forest Green is one of the "better" Aerometric colors.

(also found in red metal) which, i'm told, is the more difficult to find of the two styles. May not be returned if ya break the button :)Red-Band pens are high-cachet items in the "51" universe. Brassing only on that most common spot- the first step of the bottom tassie (ring on blind cap). This one has no dings and has had the cap finish completely refrosted. Demi Vac-FIll "51" pens are far less common than the small size Aerometric, as this model was introduced in 1947, rendering it essentially a one-year model, since the Aero pens appeared the next year. The cap is later style with clutch fingers, matte appearance, Parker logo and "51" marked. Whilst Midnight Blue commonly is not lumped with the high-cachet colors Plum, Forest Green and Cocoa, in my handling an ever increasing quantity of 51's, that Midnite is well less common than I expected. At the core is a clean Burgundy Aero with Lustraloy cap still with nice degree of original frost.