Start Dating rachel 2 walkthrough

Dating rachel 2 walkthrough

You can do it either by items or by partying a lot. I'm still trying to get the Rachel ending but I'll do my best. And I noticed that there are 6 special endings but there are only 5 girls that the player can be paired up with.

But I'm assuming that there's another Emma ending (that would go between Tanya and the threesome ending) in the gallery. Or maybe there's something that I'm totally missing, but whatever it is, I can only get the "date" with Emma at the movie theater in the last week. If you're missing any of them, you should get them.

It makes me wonder how high of a cool level I need in order for him to help Rachel at that game.i found Tanya's ending to be the easiest so far.

All you have to do is have enough strength then you go on a date and take her to a sports bar, but can you have a second date with her?

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