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In the second model, to probe for relation between the religion and colonial factors to differential spread of HIV, sub-Saharan African countries were ranked by HIV infection rate, dominating confessions, and former possessor and clustered into several geographic groups.

Firstly, the effect of high social control observed in Muslim communities, where age at marriage is low and premarital fertility is low.

This type of behavior prevented African women from accepting the kind of family subordination regular in northern Africa, and eventually incurred a higher risk of sexually transmitted infection (STI) and HIV infection.

Some local men involve themselves as clients in the sex trade, where a high percentage of SW are infected, making a possible path of infection.

It is approximated that in sub-Saharan Africa only 50 60% of the blood transfused annually is tested for HIV before use that contributed to an estimated 10 15% of HIV infection in Africa, particularly affecting children with malaria, women with pregnancy-related anemia, and patients with sickle cell disease.

The risk of getting HIV contamination from a transfusion depends on the virus prevalence in a particular area.

Today, the reality is admitted that some young people are having sex before they married so they compose risk-group in the areas with epidemic.

Since AIDS also spreads among IDU by contaminated needles, this uncontrolled actions are key targets for prevention strategy both in Christian and Muslim communities.

The study with opposing conclusion utilized an incorrect method of comparing HIV prevalence and percentage of religious affiliations among political units rather than individuals religious affiliations with HIV status.