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That’s my point.” She started on this theme in the 1990s, when she created spoof images of Princess Diana, including photographs depicting her with boyfriend Dodi Al-Fayed and a mixed-race baby. “He’s the biggest topical figure of now, and he’s going to be the US president,” she said, adding that he was also always camera ready "in every sense of the word".

Emma and Ryan both picked up Best Actress and Best Actor, respectively, in the same category.

The musical film swept the Golden Globes by also nabbing Best Screenplay, Best Original Score and Best Original Song.

"I mean he sued a nightclub in Coventry for using a Halloween picture of him.

It's miniutiae.” She added that she was extremely careful in the way she worked, endeavouring to be ethical and regularly seeking legal advice.

Since his election victory, Mr Trump has praised British libel laws and his wife, Melania, is currently suing the and a blogger for $150m (£119m) over allegations about her modelling career.

A group of lawyers in the US even recently decided not publish a report on his use of baseless litigation, because they were afraid of baseless litigation. “I don’t think any president has sued artists before.

But in the past this has only ever been precautionary measure.

“I’ve never had a legal issue, this is the first time that something this serious has emerged,“ she said.

She then told the cheering crowd: 'They just released a behind the scenes trailer, and it turns out Emma Stone was not their first choice.' As the clip plays, the film's writer and director, Damien Chazelle, appears and begins talking about Ryan and Emma who fall in love on screen in the flick.

Ryan plays jazz pianist Sebastian Wilder who falls for aspiring actress Mia Dolan, played by Emma, but obviously in the spoof, Ellen is shown in Ryan's arms and not the red-haired beauty.

"It is about how its very difficult to tell the difference between what's real and what's not real in media imagery, or indeed any imagery at all," she said.