Start Dating someone who is codependent

Dating someone who is codependent

The book goes into detail about how to improve your communication.

It’s a two-step that’s even done in marriages, but creates constant pain in the relationship.

Fleeting moments of closeness are just enough to keep the dance going, unless the partners give up on intimacy entirely.

Instead of meeting their own needs, they meet the needs of others, and instead of responding to their own thoughts and feelings, they react to those of others.

It causes serious pain and affects the majority of Americans — and not just women or loved ones of addicts, as many people believe. My definition is someone who has lost the connection to his or her core self, so that his or her thinking and behavior revolves around someone or something external, including a person, a substance, or an activity, such as sex or gambling. Instead of self-esteem, they have other esteem, based upon what others think and feel.

Healing from codependency starts with getting to know yourself better, honoring yourself, and expressing yourself.

Start doing things that make you happy, rather than deferring to others or waiting for someone else to make you happy.

Boundaries simply mean that your thoughts and feelings belong to you.