Start Dating with god in mind

Dating with god in mind

God is outside our universe, not bound by any laws of physics as we know them.

Then life or not, recurring events will continue over time. According to the bible and other sacred books this isn't automatic or given to everyone.

I do scrutinize everything and in my opinion true faith isn't about a blind faith that simply takes someone else's word but rather, it involves reason and logic as well as the heart.

And I see no contradiction between this and true science which I suspect that you favor over "faith"...

No..would of already known the plan...only thinking would be of the variables to add to the plan...outcome, different reasoning. There is no moment for God, God exists outside time.

The plan is the plan with an alternate motivation...motivation is what [God would need to determine if he is omniscent. A thought process, involves a certain procedure inside a brain, that is also limited by time, and space, and laws of the universe we live in.

John Well brother, there's 'faith' and there is faith.

Not to be confused with religion, my own faith is based on what I understand, not on what I can't accept as being the truth.

My quote, like yours above is absolutely one of perception...