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Thousands if not millions of people are engaged in this kind of dating scene because of the numerous advantages it offers. More and more people have found their one true love through this avenue, some even progresses to a more meaningful relationship leading to marriage and long term commitment. Read More In a relationship, people can get complacent after quite some time.

Could there be a magical correlation between Shakespeare’s writings and the internet?

Perhaps the romantic poet saw what’s coming, that someday love can be found … One time you are happy in a relationship and the next time you know, you are single.

Discovered between 19, the Dead Sea Scrolls comprise some 800 documents but in many tens of thousands of fragments.

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Most of you don’t know that the best part of having sex is not only the orgasm perse, but you can get considerable physiological and psychological benefits by engaging in it on a regular basis.

Backed by quantitative and qualitative research, the benefits are described below. Immunobooster During sex, Ig A (Immunoglobulin A), a specific type of antibody drastically increases.

Anyways, now that you are single and ready to mingle, why not try online dating?

This is an exciting new way to start a fresh relationship.

Online dating is undoubtedly an exceptional way to meet awesome people that share common interests. And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.” ~William Shakespeare William Shakespeare defines love exquisitely and yet so deeply.

Love should not be seen through the eyes, but through the mind.

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