Start Diablo 3 armory not updating

Diablo 3 armory not updating

2.350- New player house poor buyable, for start play now( talk Balbur, Merchant sell Investiments) 2.351- Now tax of King and salary of knight accumulate and deposit all days(read book in chest of tax for active script) 2.352- You have options to buy investiments talk with (Merchant Balbur in city center) 2.353- Have many "Productions Barrel" in the city, he is where you take your production investiment, gold and products for exportation.

lol5 - When you purchase the fortress and become the king, you will gain access to the power crown (don't worry, it won't unbalance the game! The crown is located in a display case in your bedroom.6 - Ability to collect city fees.7 - Four attractive Knights who will become your followers.8 - A treasure room with many places to display your weapons, including mannequins for your armor.9 - Your very own court jester.10 - Vendors with abundant gold to sell your items to.11 - More than 100 new NPCs.12 - A lore-friendly fortress to enhance your Skyrim immersion experience.13 - Beautiful view of Whiterun from your personal tower.14 - Shop for ingredients from Maya.15 - Baker who sells a special Riverhelm pie that grants 100 health points!

16 - Trade goods at the tavern with the barkeep.17 - The guards will now give greetings to their lord (includes an animation).18 - A stable containing two horses (needs the title of King/Knight to own the horses).19 - New unique armor for your army!

Well there's a secret temple within the castle with massive storage space just for you!

Are the guards' armors not up to your standards?

2.360- Option buy soldier in the sargeant recruiter( 1000 gold) 2.361- Option buy Mercenary in the sargeant recruiter( 500 gold) 2.362- New houses in city; 2.363 -New Hunter Guild.

2.364- New Gardens 2.365 - New library you can put your books 2.466- New armor for Knights.

2.356- Invests in market city cost: 12000 have production of leeks,tomato, more gold.

2.357- Invests in Blacksmith city cost: 18000 have production of axes, pitckaxes more gold.

I am ambitious; small deeds do not satisfy me, and I believe that, for many, Riverhelm is that one dream mod, and I wish for you all to have a good game.

Have you ever felt that the rewards in the game pale in comparison to the deeds and quests that are asked of you? You can now own your very own fortress and rule it as its King.

This mod was once an abandoned project by Raymarine/Reflex101.