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Diana vickers dating

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He said at the time: ‘Diana’s a stunning girl and very funny but it’s unfortunate that I’m not really allowed to talk to her that much. They would have the most adorably blonde babies that would look like real-life cherubs. They both regularly take part in charity events and together would make the world a better place, so there’s that. Diana’s spent the last couple of years working on an acting career and with Olly’s insane TV presenting credentials they could have complete screen domination.

‘ It’s basically like a modern day Romeo and Juliet. So here’s why we really, really want this to be a thing.

Although she was a talented person from her very early age she came to be noted by public lately as a contestant of X-Factor in 2008.

She has been participating in various singing competitions from her very early age of 11.

Later in 2010 she released her new album Songs from the Tainted Cherry which got almost around 36 thousand of copies sold just in first week of release.

Later in the same year “Wicked Heart” was released.

There was some debate regarding the similarity between songs “Under the Bridge” and “My Wicked Heart” but no legal issues were being dragged by them.

She also released more songs as “More than This” which had previously unheard tracks.

Career and Struggle Her single debut was “Once” which got released in 2010.

After a great success of her first single song she came up with an idea of getting second one and named it “The Boy Who murdered Love”.

And it’s not the first time Olly and Diana have been romantically linked.