Start Did wentworth miller dating sarah wayne callies

Did wentworth miller dating sarah wayne callies

and though she was a victim of her own destiny, I liked how she made decisions by herself.

Interviewer: How is now dealing with the star power, the celebrity, the people making those kinds of cat calls at you?

Wentworth Miller: The only difference is that I get asked that particular question a lot more often. The way I live my life, I haven’t allowed myself to change.

But in a series like “Prison Break,” apart from Wentworth, anyone can go.

it mattered so much to everyone that we get it right, because wonderful emma bell was leaving our family and we were all crushed by it.

after all, she saved rick's life - if she hadn't warned him about shane he would likely have been killed. the worst thing you can do is 'stretch the taffy to thin'...

that said, there will always be people who don't like a character, no matter who you play. make more stories than there should be in order to keep a series alive for the sake of people making money.

it brought us all to tears, we were cracking up so hard. you know, in my experience the fans that come to talk to me have nothing but love for lori.