Start Elena and damon dating

Elena and damon dating

More specifically, who will Damon end up with on TVD, if Elena is out of the picture? That makes it hard to believe getting over her is even an option for him at this point.

Since Jeremy is gone, perhaps the TVD writers will introduce Meredith with the excuse that she moved away from Mystic Falls long ago. In an ideal world, Elena and Damon would profess their undying love for one another, and Damon would end the series proper by leaving to be with her.

He might not leave with her now, but that doesn't mean that he can't wait until something makes it possible for him to be with her just in time for the series finale.

“He’s an interesting person.” While Damon will struggle with learning who he is when he’s not defined by his relationship, the writers get to find new ways to make his stories interesting.

But even with his soul-searching, Damon won’t be over Elena. He’s privately resenting Bonnie (Kat Graham) for being alive while Elena’s ‘dead.’ It’s not like it’s going to be the plot of every episode, but I think inside he’s spiraling a little, being like, ‘Without Elena, who am I? “It’s just the natural progression of the character.

“I don’t like it when shows like ‘Felicity,’ which I watched every episode of, but she was defined by who she was dating.

Our show kind of became that,” Dries tells Zap2it at CBS’s 2015 summer TV press tour party.

Elena (Nina Dobrev) might be gone on “The Vampire Diaries,” but that doesn’t mean Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is going to be any less in love with her in Season 7.

Showrunner Caroline Dries says this year is going to involve Damon learning who he is when he’s not in a relationship, but there are no plans for him to move on from his longtime love.

However, if the writers of TVD do make the difficult decision to give Damon a new romantic arc, who is it likely to be with? The couple that dies together that one time stays together? Bamon) as a couple would have to overcome the fact that, well, fans hate Bonnie Bennett with a fiery passion, but Bonnie would at least have original canon support. In addition, she was the only character aside Elena in the books to develop a genuine, good relationship with Damon.

I'm going to go ahead and say this from now: Damon and Caroline as a couple would be creepy.

By now, every person, TVD fan or otherwise, has heard the horrible news that Nina Dobrev is leaving The Vampire Diaries.