Start Error updating file

Error updating file

It's just the automatic update that fails sometimes.

These new commands have been developed over the last 10-15 years and the set of commands that work in one version of Windows are apt to not work in other versions of Windows.

But I find it equally certain that those smart cookies would NOT be happy to work as maintnance techs in a production environment as we have today for Trove.

They have moved on to better things, leaving behind a set of batch files that VERY few people can make a change in without destroying update functionality for some segments of Windows PC owners. Well it seems the cycling #1008 error that made updates impossible for a while have been handled but after this last patch it have been replaced with a cycling #1003 error ("There was an error downloading").

I have tried completely removing trove and glyph from the computer and re-installing but nothing has worked so far.

Please help me On the way to starting a thread with the below text I saw the problem already have a thread, so I'll post it here: -------------------------------------------------------------- Pct Tilde commands in bat files.

I've been getting an error more than half the time when avast tries to update its virus data base after I turn on my PC.

This problem started after the update two weeks ago to version 4.7.827.

I have downloaded the client form the HON website and installed. Dell E6230, 8 GB RAM, w/ i7-3540M CPU @ 3 GHz Small disk so installed to a USB 3 drive Symantec AV turned off I have run as admin and run in Win7 & WIN95 comp mode. Is there a truly up to date client I can download or do I have to download 3.2.7 and update to latest?