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Fijian dating australia

The told the "Fiji Village News" that Bainimarama had misunderstood Brown's intentions.

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] Religion plays a significant role; the majority of ethnic Fijians belong to the Methodist church whereas the majority of the Indians are Hindu.

After Bainimarama declared martial law and resolved the crisis by force, an interim government was sworn in, headed by current prime minister Laisenia Qarase.

He also reiterated the opposition of the military to the "Qoliqoli Bill", which proposed to hand control of seabed resources to ethnic Fijians.

A week and a half later, on ] Bainimarama in response repeated his call for the government to meet his demands or step down.

ABC News in Australia reported claims that Qarase had told Iloilo that the government would step down if Bainimarama was not removed.

He [Qarase] comes with a yes or a no to our demands, full stop.