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Forbidden sex dating

Their love is the forbidden kind, confined to the shadows because the men they are in love with are their parish priests. Maria asked that her last name and details about her boyfriend-priest not be published to protect the priest she is in love with.

“This needs time but there are solutions and I will find them.” There are already some exceptions to the celibacy rule, dating back to the first pope, Peter, who, along with his apostles were almost all married men.

According to Catholic, an encyclopedic website on Catholicism, the Eastern Churches have a peculiar and complex set of rules.

Last fall, a group of 26 women signed their real names to a letter sent to the pope and leaked to newspaper.

“We are writing to you to break down the wall of silence and indifference that we are faced with every day,” the women wrote.

Maria and the priest don’t exchange gifts or even glances when they are in public.

They do steal away regularly to meet in secret places outside of Florence, but she says sex is not the priority of the relationship.

“It was innocent at first, but I gradually fell in love with him,” she told Women in the World in an interview.

“He resisted and I pushed for a relationship.” The relationship, she says, is secret from her family and friends.

“Each of us is in, was or would like to start a relationship with a priest we are in love with.” Celibacy, or Sacerdotalis Caelibatus as it is known in Latin, has been part of the Catholic priesthood for hundreds of years, but it is not a doctrine or dogma, meaning it would take only a papal bull to lift it.

This is why the women who love priests desperately cling to hope that change may come.

“Sex complicates our relationship because of the guilt he feels for giving in to his desire,” she says.