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Free android free xxxlocal

A “Just Added” queue lets you see the latest episodes and clips made available for streaming, while a handy “Watch List” keeps track of the episodes you’ve viewed and lets you pick up right where you left off.

Also, the most recent episodes of a given show are locked unless you sign in with your pay-TV login and password, while two of History's high-profile scripted miniseries—Previous versions of NBC's Android app were so crashy that I couldn't even give them a proper test.

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Cons: Several of A&E’s most popular shows, such as ABC was among the first of the big TV networks with its own mobile streaming app, and with its full-screen promo images and translucent menu overlays, the Watch ABC app is among the prettiest in our roundup.

Too bad about its surprising—and potentially deal-breaking—flaw.

And as with most of the free TV apps in our roundup, unskippable ads are part of the deal.

The CW Network (Free)Yes, Discovery has its own plain-but-serviceable mobile app, and no, you don’t need a pay-TV subscription to watch everything on tap—or what little there is, anyway.

Cons: When I said the Discovery app only had a few full episodes available for streaming, what I really meant was ... Unfortunately, Fox is a bit stingier with its full streaming episodes than some of its broadcast-TV competition.