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Others may have to be delivered by C/Section or have to be delivered early to prevent stillbirth, so those pregnancies require close monitoring.babybird213: Speaker_-_Dr__Sabine_Iben: There are many drugs that can cause birth defects.

Cleveland_Clinic_Host: Speaker_-_Dr__Sabine_Iben: Any baby that is born before 37 weeks gestational age is considered a preemie, babies between 35-37 weeks are considered “late preterm” since many of them don’t have significant health issues and can be cared for in the well baby nursery.

They are still at risk for complications like jaundice, temperature instability, poor feeding and low blood sugar.toot_toot: Speaker_-_Dr__Sabine_Iben: Not necessarily, it depends on their gestational age.

Usually the patient is being counseled if the risk is high prior to the drug being prescribed and advised to use birth control to avoid pregnancy.