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Free sexal encounters dating sites

When I wake up, I notice that it feels damp and sticky between my legs. The guy I had slept with is still fast asleep next to me. That was my worst ever one night stand."— no_objections_here on Reddit.

I mean not only everything he was doing was wrong even though I tried to help him, but he also stayed for way too long after and had weird personal life chats until I had to kick him out. "Anonymous"When I first moved to NY, at age 20, I researched, googled and explored the lesbian scene as much as I could.

It's non-existent where I come from, so this was a complete revelation.

It's a really small space but it was packed with beautiful women (and cute boys too! After an hour wondering around and failed attempts of any interaction, a gorgeous, beautiful, boho-chic girl in her mid 30s came and sat next to me.

We started talking, drinking, flirting, kissing, drinking some more, making out and eventually (a couple of hours later) made it out of the bar and into a taxi to her place.

I was extremely drunk at this point, and so was he. In the middle of the night he woke up me and said 'I'm going to throw up, where should I throw up?

' I was still drunk, and half asleep, so I pointed at a pillow on the floor and said 'there.' So he threw up on my pillow, and then he asked me what he should do with it.

As I exited the apartment, I noticed he and his roommate both had computer desks in the same room with World of War Craft up and ready to go on their desktops.

He was a gentleman and walked me to the train station. The next night he picked me up at my friends dormitory and took me for a walk around the Arc de Triomphe. While we have never spoken again, we remain Facebook friends to this day."Anonymous"We met at a friends birthday outing.

Without even looking how far down it was I jumped out of the second story window, slid down the metal awning and landed right next to who I think was her dad, or at least her dad's friends.

I looked over at them, smiled, and then started running.

Because the truth is, this is an experience that a lot of women share, but entirely differently. Others find themselves feeling deflated afterward, whether or not they had level-set expectations beforehand.