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This is a repeat story, too - but let one of my frat bros fuck the shit out of me after his bachelor party (the night before his wedding). I know that isn't SO terrible, but I felt like a huge whore for not remembering that I had not only met him before but had spent the night with him. Going to a private, regularly scheduled orgy/sling party back in the early 80's where by the end of the evening my cock had penetrated no less than 15 different guy's asses, I had taken 8 loads down my throat, and I finished up by pile driving a hottie in the sling while about 30 studs encircled us while masturbating. And thankfully they had showers available at the event.

Double dildo bear action (I'm a boyish blond) in the back cab of an 18-wheeler with some trucker I picked up in THE GUTTER.

The next day I picked the biggest Alpha-cootie I have ever seen off my junk and flushed it.

Unfortunately the experienced sucked (in a bad way): we went to a trashy nearby Days Inn where the whores rotated shifts, he was of course straight and refused to fuck, be fucked or suck me off, so all I did was suck him off (as a testament to my fellatio skills even as a novice, I did manage to get him rock hard), he got on top of me and grinded, we did some closed-mouth kissing, and he jerked me off. Needless to say, as soon as I was hard he backed into me and I slid into him. 10 minutes later he was back in the same position in front of the DJ booth, looking for another load.