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G dragon sohee dating

One person commented, "She seriously looks like she's spacing out." One said, "SM Entertainment needs to pick better members to send to variety shows." In the clip above, even the MCs are commenting on Irene's quietness. " Someone says something to a friend and netizens take it out of context "HOMOPHOBIC! " Uses informal speech with a very close hyung/unnie "DISRESPECTFUL" Breathes"THEY'RE TAKING EVERYTHING FOR GRANTED! " I GUESS THEY MIGHT AS WELL NOT EXIST B/C THAT'S OFFENSIVE TOO! It is obvious that her weakness is public speaking, which is why I don't understand why would SM send her on Radio Star. But she is similar to taeyeon where it takes her a bit of time to come out of her shell.

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How rude." One writer said, "Whether you're a good talker or not, if you're on a talk show, you should try your best to talk!

" The overall lack of energy was the biggest thing that ticked off netizens. I watched this episode and although I understand she may have been nervous, it seemed as though she didn't put in any effort and that was frustrating. Yeah, she was obviously awkward and quiet so that came off a bit rude.

During the show, Irene was mostly quiet and shy -- which is her normal personality as any fans would know, but many viewers who don't know much about the idol or her usual personality were not comfortable with the way she sat quietly or dodged a lot of the questions.

Irene also seemed a bit out of it from time to time, making netizens say things like, "Is she bored? " Another said, "There are plenty of idols who would love to be where she is.

you piss me off sorry for others it's just netizen ( i want to kill them !!!!!!! She was just shy and quiet but according to her fan that's the way she is all the time ... no wonder lots of Koreans are percieved as fake..culture permits or worst still forces it.

as normal human beings we have our days when we are sad or happy or just tired..nobody is happy go lucky every time.

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