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Holly dating criss angel

Jason Verona, Holly’s manager, said, “The press have blown it a bit out of proportion as far as how Holly actually felt about the engagement.

Yikes…Does anyone else see a pattern of this guy preying on post-rebound women?

One could argue his strategy is to pick women who wouldn’t want anything long-term because they’ve just gotten out of something serious but think about the track record of this guy: two women post-long-term relationships, two women post-rehab.

While Angel and Madison at first claimed to be just good friends, they quickly went public with their romance, moved in together and even—a first for Madison—met each others' parents.

Hey…if you’re looking for a reason to lose your last meal, here’s a good one for the record books: Criss Angel, magician and resident Hollywood man-whore has snagged another Hollywood blonde on the rebound – Hugh Hefner’s recent ex-girlfriend, Holly Madison.

On Valentine's Day, the pair was spotted smooching it up in Sin City, and just last month they vacationed in Cabo San Lucas, along with fellow reality star Paula Abdul.

Sudden though the split may seem, it was not entered into lightly."It was a tough decision for her to make and come back to L.

How about taking a break and getting yourself together so you can find someone who might be worth your time?