Start Interracial dating blogger

Interracial dating blogger

I don’t know why I continue to read certain news organizations’ content, websites or blogs, but I like to see what varying opinions are floating around out there on the Internets.

BWE are willing to unyoke black women from ‘community’ if it will save their lives, keep them sane, prevent them from being worked to death, provide a measure of protection, ensure their resources do not become the possession of others, if it will enable them meet their dreams and goals.

But, someone has to stand up in the name of black feminism and womanism against the false attacks and misinformation coming from a so-called empowerment blogger.

Black women have a long history of criticizing attacks on black women from white men, white women AND black men.

I’ve eliminated my news feed on my computer, and I haven’t watched the TV news since November. Out here where we live, the rest of the world could have disappeared, and I wouldn’t know it. I know some people stress themselves out by watching “the news” all the time, but I don’t need to know the news.

I’ve told Darren and my sons to just tell me if/when we need to grab our bug out bags and run for the hills.

Along with my too-many other enjoyable activities, I have been working on my podcast series for You Tube.

A videographer friend of mine did the title sequence for it a few months ago when it was still warm, and she did a great job of capturing us strolling around out here on the grounds of the farm.

So each day the situation gets worse and the black woman is at the point that she rises daily and wonders, ‘who is going to trash my image, today? The post in its entirety is worth the read, even though it’s highly and blatantly inaccurate and filled with lies.