Start Interracial people dating

Interracial people dating

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He was the fastest runner in our class and popular, and I could care less that we weren't the same race.

One day, Vin was at the water fountain and I waited for him.

She was too busy worrying about getting to all her tables. Eric and I sat at our table and man was he a talker. It seemed that Eric wanted to hang more, but I called it a night because I feared the gawks and stares because I interracially dated.

He talked and talked and talked and then talked some more. After dinner we saw "The Incredibles" (excellent movie by the way), but let me tell you a movie is a bad idea for a first date because you really can't communicate. I told him good night and that was the end of that one and only date with him.

Then lordddd the thoughts started to invade my mind. Is she going to be rude because I’m with a white guy?

I then realized that that girl did not care about me or my date. And guess what, those kids paid me no mind, but I acted like they would.

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I've had crushes on men of all races ranging from the superfine singer Maxwell to the hotness that is Ryan Gosling.