Start Ipod mailboxes updating

Ipod mailboxes updating

They are an excellent way to organize your messages and stay on top of all your email.

For more on IMAP and why you should want to use it, see Google’s introduction, and the first part of this post at Techno Lawyer.

Gmail approaches mail differently than most mail hosts/providers.

When they are deleted from Trash or Spam they are gone forever.

(Here’s a conceptually useful table of Gmail’s default interactions with IMAP client actions) It is possible to configure Gmail and Apple’s Mail application to appropriately delete messages from Gmail when they are deleted in Mail.

Step 4: On your email account screen, again tap the button.

Now, instead of creating a new mailbox, tap on the one that you would like to move or delete.

On the next screen you will see the option to delete it right there, so just tap the button and then confirm your request by tapping .

This is a great option that allows you to better organize your folder by nesting them, so you can an entire folder of let’s say “Coworkers” and have different mailboxes for each of your coworkers nested under that main one. If you haven’t used mailboxes before, make sure to give them a try.

The message remains in the archive for that account, and can been seen in the All Mail view.

The only exceptions to this behavior are messages in Gmail’s Trash or Spam views; these messages do not appear anywhere else.

This can cause a lot of network traffic back and forth between your client and Gmail as the systems keep both versions (local on your computer and remote on the Gmail server) synchronized. Part Two: Configuring Apple’s 2.1 If you don’t already have an account set up in Mail, follow Google’s setup instructions for your version of Mail.