Start Is ariel lin and joe cheng dating in real life

Is ariel lin and joe cheng dating in real life

Undoubtedly, their chemistry in My Lucky Star is awesome.

The love between Jimmy Lin and Yoo Ha-na was extremely straightforward and they met under the most bizarre circumstances.

They had proved that they loved each other, however when Tian Qi's arm was crushed and Ni's heart was at stake, Yoo Ha-na needed to take the cash and run.

Many have dreamed that one day they will play again in a drama as lovers.

If your hearts still pounding whenever you remember them in Meteor Garden then I guess you will love them more in Mars.

Two people who are haunted by their past meet and solve together the aches that they've been through.

Their romance, their first kiss and those sweet moments in the drama will make you wonder why they did not end up together in real life.

At the point when Chen Ling protect her from being sexually pestered by their English instructor, she begins to open up to him.

In return for the completed the process of painting of 'Mother and Child', Ling guarantees to protect her.

He had a terrible childhood memories, and takes out his displeasure at the world by harassing others and exploiting his mom's position.

The scenes where they were as one were so very natural - they appeared to be truly open to being in one another's presence and playing around.

She can't stand it any more, and studies to get into school to abandon her stepmother's sweetheart.