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I did it at my cousin's funeral and I've been in New Zealand and Australia and learned different hakas. He is a man of few words at the start, but by the fourth episode, I get tons of dialogue, but it is all in Dothraki, which is a new language made up for this, so it is like learning gibberish and trying to make sense of it.

I was eating chicken breasts every six hours and spent six hours a day training to get really really fit.

What sucked was at the end of playing Drogo there were some reshoots of Conan, so I had to get in shape again.

But having said that, becoming a father brings out a certain protectiveness and strength.

And I had a pretty bad accident in my life; I had my whole face sliced apart by this guy - I had 140 stitches in the left side of my face. I can show how that kind of thing plays inside when I am summoning up the warrior."Momoa shares more about his experience as Khal Drogo in Jason: I went into the audition and asked if I could try something different, so I did a haka.

The film will be directed by James Wan, whose previous works include Fast & Furious 7 and The Conjuring movies, who recently told uk how he’s looking to make Aquaman his own.

In an interview with Collider, Wan also teased the tone of the movie, saying: ‘I kind of don’t want to give too much away but know this: The spirit that I’m going for is like a classic sort of swashbuckling action adventure, sort of high seas adventure story.

I'm still trying to get back to my normal body shape.

I started out as between 215 and 220lbs (97 - 99kg), I went up to 250 lbs but I may have changed my body shape for good.

It was a pretty horrific feeling, hurting someone like that.

But then as an actor, I want to go to these places and feel these things.

Which is perfect because Drogo, as Momoa describes him, is a "bad ass." is an adaptation of George R. Martin's bestselling fantasy book series, A Song of Ice and Fire.