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Karman kregloe dating

She initially clashes with Marti, but realizes she is the godsend that the Hellcats need to win the championship.

Her mother, Wanda Perkins (Gail O'Grady), works at the university pub and is a party girl who never grew up.

He tried out for the Hellcats team when his then-girlfriend Alice encouraged him to do so in order to gain scholarship money after the football scandal, and instantly became hooked. He had an unspoken crush on her but now is dating Savannah, Marti's new friend on the team.

Sharon Leal plays Vanessa Lodge, a former Hellcat cheerleader who is now the team's coach.

She then auditions for a position on Lancer's cheerleading team, the Hellcats.

Savannah Monroe (Ashley Tisdale), the captain of the Hellcats, is described as "peppy and petite" with a "fierce intensity".

Hellcats follows Marti Perkins, a pre-law college student at Lancer University, who lost her scholarship and has no other choice but to join the college's cheer squad, the Hellcats, in order to obtain a new one.

There she meets her new roommate and team captain Savannah Monroe, the injured flyer Alice Verdura, her new partner Lewis Flynn and the Hellcats coach Vanessa Lodge who hopes to win nationals, otherwise the cheer leading program will be cut.

The CW later gave a full season order for the series, with executives saying they were "thrilled that [it] paid off for us".